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Case Studies

Smart Cash : ATM Replenishment and monitoring solution

ATMs are the physical interaction points between financial institutions and customers. Our challenge was to create a solution for a major African bank that will help monitor the variance of inventory levels to replenish the exact amount necessary through our client's extensive 285 ATM network spread across the country to minimize the costs of money holding, logistics, and time consumption.

P2S: Payment Steering Solution for invoicing optimization and monitoring

Built for the complex financial structure of a major payment establishment, P2S allows our clients to closely monitor the issuing and acquisition of electronic payment services and the costs incurred by interbank networks. We made this possible through algorithms that reconcile the real movement of the bank's cardholders and acquirers with Visa and MasterCard billing and predictive models for better anticipation of the variations in activity volumes.

Lodin : Revolutionizing the payment infrustructure through OpenBanking

Lodin is a payment engine powered by open banking built for a French Fintech Startup. We created an encompassing experience that revolutionizes the European payment industry for businesses and personal use that both maintains low-costs for the final users and time efficiency when processing transactions.

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