Smart Cash : ATM Replenishment and monitoring solution

ATMs are the physical interaction points between financial institutions and customers. Our challenge was to create a solution for a major African bank that will help monitor the variance of inventory levels to replenish the exact amount necessary through our client's extensive 285 ATM network spread across the country to minimize the costs of money holding, logistics, and time consumption.

Our approach was to provide our client with a light weight novel dynamic solution that considers both ATM inventory variance rate and ATM replenishment in an integrative way.

Our primary mission was to build a robust back office attached to the main banking system to calculate variance rates in order to maintain accuracy across the ATMs all while introducing the optimal replenishment amounts to minimize the total costs of money holding taking the replenishment costs into account including stock-outs.

Following that we designed a user-friendly mobile app, that helps third party personel responsible for replineshment identify and introduce the correct amount and keep track of all operations across all ATMs.

Driving a High ROI with a more efficient Cash Monitoring System

In any of our development projects, Our engineering team seeks to cover the following important factors to maximize the value and cost-efficiency of the solution :

End-to-end automation : We sought to eliminate time-consumtion and user errors due to the manual tasks across all ATM cash monitoring processes, through automation of the processes from ATM cash replenechement through an app and reconciliation to cash flow analysis and reporting with a robust back-office.

Robust security. To ensure the protection of sensitive data we employ multi-factor authentication and other advanced cybersecurity mechanisms.

Powerful data visualization capabilities. To enhance the overall cash monitoring transparency and streamline control of the cash flow transactions.

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