P2S: Payment Steering Solution for invoicing optimization and monitoring

Built for the complex financial structure of a major payment establishment, P2S allows our clients to closely monitor the issuing and acquisition of electronic payment services and the costs incurred by interbank networks. We made this possible through algorithms that reconcile the real movement of the bank's cardholders and acquirers with Visa and MasterCard billing and predictive models for better anticipation of the variations in activity volumes.

the P2S tool, through its 360° approach, offers total control and visibility over invoicing. It provides a wide array of features to help optimize your invoice management:

Invoice Interpretation : Loading, consolidation and archiving of invoices by networks.

Built in Service Catalog : a catalog of services for electronic payment networks with corresponding pricing.

Steering : Steering the cost of interbank networks in the electronic payment activity in terms of acquisition, issuance, domestic, international, fraud, etc

Predictions : Enables the prediction of upcoming invoices using artificial intelligence algorithms.

Analysis : Automated simulation of billing for electronic payment networks based on actual activity and comparison with billing data provided by the networks.

Reconciliation : Fine-tune the billing of electronic payment networks by professional domain and detect the overinvoicing of interbank services billed to the bank.

Efficient strategy to transform tech

P2S was built to face an important challenge: how to operationalize its microservices-based architecture. We needed to make things simple for its adopter, and it needed a solid foundation for the future. After researching several migration strategies, we found that the team had successfully transformed the architectures of other companies by using the same strategy This strategy turned out to be the best fit for our client's needs—and it's a flexible approach that works well for any company looking to move from monolithic applications to microservices.

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