Lodin : Revolutionizing the payment infrustructure through OpenBanking

Lodin is a payment engine powered by open banking built for a French Fintech Startup. We created an encompassing experience that revolutionizes the European payment industry for businesses and personal use that both maintains low-costs for the final users and time efficiency when processing transactions.

For its launch our team put the focus on a user experience that reduces friction and cost usually experienced through classic banking product. This means an overhaul of the user experience and infrastructure. We aimed to go beyond what the market offers by leveraging the possibilities we can get from Open Banking. This resulted in LodinPay and Lodin Business. A personal finance and banking Web and Mobile app, and an adjacent Merchant Payment management and payment initiation tool and app.

Realizing the full potential of Open Banking

Speed, efficiency and cost cutting were our three primary objectives that we aim to achieve through our launch; We managed to achieve a complete cardless and cashless experience that guareetes it's users less fees and more convience from both the business and personal use fronts.

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